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Lat Purser & Associates — Commercial Real Estate

Lat Purser & Associates is a commercial real estate firm in the Southeast. After 60 years in the biz, they decided it was finally time for a rebrand. This team truly knows the Southeast market inside & out, and takes a non-flashy but rewarding approach to real estate. We had to communicate that this is the team you call when you’re not looking for bells and whistles, but someone who will make sure assets yield longevity, high return, and low stress.

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Anker Haus — Charlotte's First Pocket Neighborhood

Anker Haus is Charlotte’s first pocket neighborhood, comprised of modern, minimalist townhomes for rent. Situated about a mile from the heart of Plaza Midwood, AH was built and is managed by MyNiche Apartments. We needed to communicate what a pocket neighborhood is, and why Anker Haus is so awesome. I worked with MNA’s Senior Brand Manager on copy concept and direction, and crafted all content for the property’s website.

Here's what I wrote:

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Standing the Test of Time


Born & bred in Charlotte, NC, Lat Purser & Associates knows the Southeast market inside and out, and we’ve weathered its storms. We’re here to stay.

We hereby give you full permission to start living that adult life now. #ditchthedorm

—– A steadfast & trusted partner

LPA has been playing the long game in Southeast commercial real estate since1961. Through 9 recessions, 11 presidents, and 20% interest rates, we’ve not only survived — We’ve continued to deliver on development, acquisitions, brokerage, leasing, and property management.


Property ManagementThrough property management that’s stable, operates like a well-oiled machine, and makes sure your financial gain keeps growing, we treat your asset like it’s one of our own.

DevelopmentWhether retail or office property, our in-house development pros provide market analysis, site evaluation, and cost analysis, then assemble the architects, engineers, consultants, and contractors. (Think 1992 Dream Team but for development.)

Representation —When it’s time for office or retail space, we’ll get a full-picture understanding of your needs, find you an array of enticing options until you land on (and in) the perfect one, and negotiate the best possible lease for you.

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Irrefutable Performance and Endurance

When it comes to commercial real estate, you need a partner with a steady hand, and a level head.

Whether it’s developing a new property, finding the perfect office or retail space, or filling your asset with long-term tenants, your investment is significant, and should be handled with meticulous care.

Here’s how we deliver in commercial real estate:

  • Property management & maintenance
  • Development & redevelopment
  • Representation & brokerage

At LPA, we don’t have blind spots.

We’ve learned every nook & cranny of the Southeast market. We’ve planned for, and made it through economic downturns. We’ve created value for our clients, and for our community. We’ve got the track record, the authenticity, and the steadfastness; We’re going to keep weathering the storm, and performing for our clients – no matter the climate.

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Creating Long-Term Value

Our Mission

Since 1961, our mission has been to create long-term growth and prosperity for our clients, our partners, and communities in the Southeast. We do this through deliberate and decisive commercial property development, acquisitions, brokerage, leasing, and property management.

Our Philosophy

There is a method to our non-madness. Our goal has never been to be the largest or the flashiest. We want our team to have a solid foundation for a good life. We want our clients and partners to have steady and continued success. And we want to ensure the long-term viability of our city and of the Southeast. 

This is why we make decisions in a thoughtful and calculated way. We’re not going to jump into a new deal because it’s shiny or “has potential,” without thoroughly vetting its potential longevity. We know that one bad deal has the ability to ruin three or four good deals. 

And while the art of the deal is fun, in the end, squeezing another ten basis points out of a deal really doesn’t add joy or fulfillment. It may buy you a cigarette boat, but who really enjoys or finds long-term satisfaction in owning a cigarette boat?

Our Values

At the root of every single decision we make are honesty, respect, and intentionality.

  • We’re nothing if we’re not honest with our colleagues, partners, and clients. Without honesty, there is no trust. No opportunity for creating a strong, long-term reputation. No chance of making a real impact. 
  • We treat everyone within the company and outside it with respect. We believe each person has value to add. Making the right decision matters more than who made the decision. 
  • We do not have knee-jerk reactions or sign off on new deals in haste. Each decision we make is calculated and intentional.

But wait, there's more! This was a big project, and you might have zoned out by now. But if you're really into commercial real estate copy, say "hi" and I'll share the rest!

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